Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mack 9 Months

Mack is 9 months! But if you saw him you might not think that, he is our little big boy!

Weight - 21 pounds - 70th percentile
Height - 31.5 inches - 100th percentile
Head - 18.5 inches - 94th percentile

Mack is SO happy all of the time!! He really is the best baby, I got so lucky with him. Don't get me wrong he is really crazy and gets into everything possible and almost chokes on little things 10 times a day haha. But he is just happy all of the time and there is nothing else I could ask for in a baby!

He has four teeth now and has taken about 4-5 steps at a time now. He wears a size 5 in shoes (Scarlett wears a size 6 lol) and his hands are just as big! We all were super confused as to where the big feet and hands came from because both of us don't have big feet or hands at all! He is quickly catching up to Scarlett so karma is about to hit her haha. He loves his sister so much no matter what she does to him he just thinks she is the funniest thing ever and always has a huge smile on his face when he sees her.

His favorite things right now are, bottles, bananas, apple juice, yogurt melts, and cheerios. This last week we have had SO many birthdays so he has gotten to have some cake and has loved it SO much! 

He goes to bed around 6:30/7 and only wakes up once (HALLELUJAH!) and then wakes up around 7 in the morning! He takes two naps still one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We all love Mack and don't know what we would do without his contagious smiles!

Scarlett's 3rd Birthday

Scarlett is THREE oh my goodness! I can't believe it! Here is a little throwback to see how much she has changed.

Scarlett Grace Ingram 3 Years Old
Weight - 29 pounds - 32 percentile
Height - 36 inches - 26 percentile

So sad! It seriously has gone be SO fast!

Birthday Girl by day, Princess by night

Scarlett is the sweetest, sassiest, smartest three year old I know! She is the best sister to Mack and loves him so much... sometimes a bit too much. She likes to be REALLY close to him and have him always by her side so she has been known to roll on top of him and drag him by his feet wherever she wants him to go, I keep telling her he will be bigger than her soon and she will get payback, but that is not stopping her! 

Some of Scarlett's favorite things are princesses, looking at herself in the mirror, lipstick, chicken nuggets, KETCHUP like lots of it, hot dogs, pizza,  candy (especially reese's and peanut butter m&m's), trying to sneak drinks of Diet Coke, PINK, and lots of other things that would make this list way too long! She is always so happy and lately has really gotten a mind of her own. The things that come out of her mouth are so funny! Sometimes I feel like she is really a teenager in a little body.

She started gymnastics a couple of months ago and picked it up so quickly! It is so fun to see how much she loves going and how much she loves doing all of the things there. Her favorite thing to do at gymnastics are "candlesticks" where she hangs on the rings and goes all the way upside down. Her least favorite thing is when they get to play and jump in the "pit" which is filled with foam blocks. She has a fear of heights just like her dad and will always climb to the very top step, look down, and go back down to the very bottom step to jump haha.

She always LOVES to be the life of the party and have all of the attention on her. She makes friends so easily and is always willing to play with whoever will play! Her nursery leader says she is the ring leader and has kids following her wherever she goes haha.

I love how FUN she is!I hope she will always be this spunky and outgoing. No matter what you are doing with her, you are guaranteed A LOT of laughs! She makes it SO hard to be mad at her and Rob hates it because I always give in SO easy to her and it makes him have to be the bad guy haha but I seriously can't help it!

Kaili gave me a great idea to do a "Birthday Interview" every time she has a birthday, so we did it this year and it is so cute! I will link it below.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mack 6 Months

Robert Mack Ingram
Weight - 17 pounds - 37th percentile
Height - 29 inches - 100th percentile

It's crazy to think Mack is SIX months! Half a year! Time has flown by with him and it is sad but i'm happy about it at the same time! Mostly because his sleeping is getting a bit better haha. He is the happiest baby still and always has a smile for anyone who comes up to him. You will almost always see a huge smile taking up half of his face! He loves Scarlett so much and always has his eyes on her. She is the star of the show in his eyes (and hers) and she entertains him all day! 

Mack is so close to crawling, he gets up on his hands and knees and tries his hardest before he face plants everytime! Haha but that doesn't stop him! He always gets right back up and tries over and over again! 

He has TWO teeth and man did those take a long time to come through! We had a lot of sleepless nights, but now everything has settled down and i'm hoping he won't be getting anymore anytime soon!

I've decided he is JUST like Scarlett and is as hyper as it gets! He never wants to miss out on all the fun at night so he isn't the great sleeper I was hoping for, but he is as happy as can be in the day so I will definitely take that! 

He loves ALL food and will eat a container in a minute flat haha! Fastest eater EVER!

He is wearing 12 month clothes and is almost already grown out of them! He is growing like a weed and is never slowing down! He is already too tall for his car seat and his legs hang out about half a foot haha!

I love having a boy so much! You can already tell he is going to have the funnest personality, but also is going to be a little trouble maker! He gets into anything he sees! We can't imagine what we would do without him, he makes everyone around him happier and is as cute as it gets!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mack - 4 Months

Robert Mack Ingram
4 Months Old
14.5 pounds - 29th percentile
26 1/2 inches - 96th percentile

This guy has got to be the tallest baby I have ever seen! Lately he doesn't even seem like a baby to me at all which is so sad. I feel like it has all gone by SO fast with Mack and with him being the second I feel like I haven't got to spend as much quality time with him either. Usually with Scarlett we would just lay around all day just me and her so it was always just us. But with Mack we have this crazy girl always hanging around us wanting to play, which is probably more fun anyways! :) Thankfully we have the nights to bond haha.

Ever since Mack was born I felt like he just came already programmed and I never had to work at all to get him on a good schedule. He knew exactly when night was and would only wake up to eat and then once morning came he'd be up for about an hour or so and then take a nap over and over throughout the day. It was probably one of the best things to happen to me in my life to this day haha. But really, he has been the sweetest and easiest baby I could've dreamed of! I think I really did have dreams of having a baby like him because I thought it really could only happen in my dreams! But my angel baby came along and has surprised me every day with his sweetness. We definitely have had a lot of rough patches with sleeping every now and then and am actually on one of those right now, but if there's one thing I learned with Scarlett it's NOTHING last forever and it will pass with time. :)

So many things to say about my little man, he has been learning so much lately! So far this is what goes on in Mack's world as of today.

-He smiles SO MUCH! And it's the hugest smile, almost takes up his whole face!
-He rolls and rolls and rolls all over.
-This past week has been tough, but before that he was just waking up about every 3-4 hours to eat at night... still working on him sleeping all the way through.
-He is a formula baby, as hard as I tried to breastfeed him he just ALWAYS wants to eat. And each time he would eat it would be A LOT. I ended up not being able to supply as much as we wanted so we switched over to formula and ever since then he has been the happiest guy. He eats his heart away! 
-He is super ticklish and will laugh so hard especially if you get under his arms.
-He takes about 3-4 naps a day still (thank you jesus)
-He wears 9-12 month clothes right now because he is SO long! 
-He has the BIGGEST baby feet on this planet and we have no idea where they came from. He wears a size 12 month shoe!

All in all if all babies were like Mack, i'd probably have 10 more of them. He is the sweetest baby and brings joy to the whole family!

Twice the love

Before I had Mack I was a bit scared of how I would be able to handle having two babies! It's so scary to think I'm suppose to keep two little ones safe at all times and make sure they are always in no danger. The world is such a scary place and thinking about it makes me just never want to leave the house! But at the same time I feel like my heart is bigger then it has ever been before and to look at my two babies and know Rob and I made them together just gives me butterflies. It's a feeling I can't explain. My heart is so full from the love I have for my family it constantly puts a smile on my face and I have never been so completely happy in my life! Except for maybe when I saw the Christmas decor up at SAMS today :).

Anyways, I really just wanted to talk about how the transition from one to two kids was. I was so afraid I wouldn't have time to give Scarlett enough attention, but I must've forgot how much newborns sleep haha. Scarlett has been the BEST sister and such a good help to me. She acts like his second mom and it is the cutest thing ever! She loves to always hold Macks hand and give him kisses on the head. However, she HATES when he gets spit on her and must immediately go change her outfit after she gets even a little wet from his drool. She helps me change his diapers and begs me to let her wipe him everytime lol. She calls him her "bubbies" and I love the way she treats him! Mack adores her too and anytime he sees her he gets a huge grin on his face which makes her go crazy which them makes him laugh. Cutest thing EVER! 

When Mack was about a month old we decided to put our house up for sale and a week later it was sold! So we are living with my parents now until December 1 when our house is done being built. Between living with my parents and having my in laws a couple minutes away, I have had so much help with the kids. It definitely made the transition so much easier and I'm so grateful for them for helping me! Life with two kids doesn't get much better then it is right now for me. I couldn't have pictured it to be any better! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Scarlett Grace

Ever since Mack was born Scarlett just seems so BIG to me. From the way she talks to the way she does just about everything lately. She has the cutest personality and has become the sassiest little girl I know. I haven't posted anything about her in over 6 months so there is SO much to say! So I will start from where I left off.

She has been sleeping in a big girl bed since the New Year and has been off her beloved bottle since before Mack was born in May. She still isn't big on sleeping and will wake up every now and then in the middle of the night but it is much better then it use to be! She is still napping for about 2-3 hours everyday too which is possibly one of the greatest things in life haha.

After Mack was born a switch just went off in her head and ever since then she has been talking like a teenager. Whenever I catch her drinking something or eating something she shouldn't be she just looks at me and says "look away mom" or whenever I want to put her in her carseat or help her with her clothes she just sticks her head up in the air, pats her chest, and says "I can do it all by myself mom!" 

She is spoiled and has become the hugest daddy's girl. Rob loves it and they make the cutest duo i've ever seen. She is starting to look more like me now that she has long hair (WHOO FINALLY HAIR!) and we can actually do braids and everything. It makes me so happy haha. But she does still look a lot like Rob to me too.

Her new favorite thing to do lately is play hide and seek. Whenever its her turn to go and hide she will ALWAYS give it away after your done counting. So I will count to 10 and say "Where's Scarlett?" She will yell "UNDER THE TABLE!" So I usually end up always winning ;).

She is always loving on Mack and trying to be his mom. Whenever I try to feed him his bottle she will take it from me and say "No I will do it by myself" except she has gagged him a couple of times so that is old news haha. She always kisses his head and says to him "I love you so much bubbies." That is her nickname for him and it is the cutest thing ever!

We are in the middle of potty training right now and today she has had 0 accidents WHOOO! It only took a bag full of M&M's a trip to the store for a new toy but we are almost there!

She started calling me by my first name which is so weird but so funny. I've been trying to explain that's my other name but she can still call me mom. She also calls Rob "Roburp"

--I was going to list all of her favorite things but instead I decided to just ask her all of the questions so it should be interesting...

-Favorite color - "Pink"
Favorite animal - "giraffe" (she has never said that one before)
Favorite food - "chicken"
Favorite drink - "Orange soda"
Favorite thing to wear - "My sister shirt... and pants... and socks. Know that?"
Favorite thing to play with - "toys" What kind of toys? "pets"
What do you want to be when you grow up? - "An animal... a giraffe... I want to be a giraffe."
Favorite movie - "monsters" (Monsters University)
Favorite hairstyle - "braids"
Favorite treat - "popcorn and bar and drink and my book."
Favorite song - "Anna song"

Robert Mack Ingram

I haven't posted in SO long. We have been so crazy lately from having a baby to moving a month after I haven't had any time to blog! So much has happened so now I need to play catch up. Bare with me!

Robert Mack Ingram
May 12, 2016 
7 pounds - 21 inches

The day Mack arrived went exactly as we planned it would, does that ever happen?! My doctor is a wonderful man who induces a week early if it isn't your second baby and if everything is on track. So that's what we did! And thank goodness because I was so ready to meet my little man! We arrived at the hospital at 7 a.m to start the induction and as soon as we arrived I changed into the fashionable birthing gown and was given pitocin. This time around didn't take NEARLY as long as it did with Scarlett! I started having hard contractions an hour after and a little later my doctor came in to break my water. Can I just note that he has VERY large hands and it might have been the most uncomfortable I've ever been and hope to ever be. I quiver just thinking about it haha. After that unfortunate situation I was given an epidural HALLELUJUH! Women who give birth without any form of medication are my heroes, so grateful to live in a time of modern medicine. After I was given my epidural Rob and I just hung out and watched movies for a couple of hours, we weren't expecting Mack to come anytime soon because of how long it took for me to be dilated to a 10 with Scarlett. Our nurse would come in every so often and after a couple of hours I was at a 3. So we just hung out some more not expecting anything to happen for awhile. After a little Rob decided to get the nurse to ask her to check me again because he was bored (or just super impatient haha). She checked me and I was at a 10 ready to go! What the heck!? We did not see that coming and had to text everyone telling them to hurry over ASAP! The doctor came in and after about 10 minutes of pushing he was out! Rob told me he wasn't going to watch this time but after a full 10 seconds he quickly started looking and even decided to take a picture of the action (thanks babe.) 

As soon as he came out everyone on the other side of the door had their heads glued to it! Scarlett was one of them and as soon as she heard Mack crying she kept telling everyone to "shhh!" and trying to look at him under the door. Rob hurried and grabbed Scarlett to come see him and she just stared at him and pointed. She probably had no idea what this little baby was doing but she quickly learned and has been the sweetest sister to him since. 

I never expected to really have the same bond with Mack that I did with Scarlett right away because she was my first. But I was so wrong! He shares a special place in my heart and I can already tell we are going to have such a close bond. As soon as he was born my heart burst the exact same way it did with Scarlett. I feel like my heart is broken into thirds and each person in my family fills it to the top. I was so worried about having Mack because I had a hard time after Scarlett was born with getting back to feeling like myself but this time around was so much easier. I am happier then I have ever been and I just feel so complete! I knew Scarlett needed a little buddy and I am so happy we got pregnant when we did. We are still planning on having more little ones, but are taking a much needed break to enjoy the two we have now.

Macks birth was so easy and peaceful and so is he. He is the sweetest little baby and sleeps ALL the time. Couldn't ask for anything better right? We love him so much and can't wait to watch him grow!

Things to know about Mack

- He was named after Rob's grandpa Robert Ingram who Rob was also named after so he is the third Robert in the family! (That was really confusing to read because of all the Roberts haha.)

- He is going by Mack though, unless he decides he wants to be called Rob in the future. Mack came from a football player on Rob's favorite team the Raiders.

-He takes about 3-4 naps a day ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. Scarlett always says, "Mom he is a sleepy guy!" ain't that the truth!

-Ever since he was born all he wanted to do was eat and EAT! I wasn't able to produce enough food for him so we switched him to formula which actually ended being a good thing for us because...

-About a week after he was born we noticed he kept waking up sounding like he was choking all night long and it freaked us out! Turns out he just had acid reflux and after we switched him to formula it started going away!

-Him and Scarlett are probably complete opposites when she was this age. He just sleeps and eats and all she wanted to do was play play and play! He is the chillest baby and never cries unless he is hungry or tired.

-He has THE biggest feet i've ever seen on a baby and is almost catching up with Scarlett in shoe size already.

-He is always soaking wet from either spit or drool. Poor guy probably gets his clothes changed 5 times a day.

-His has the biggest smile and is a real flirt already. :)